PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The growing problem of coyotes in the area really hit home for a family in Lawrence County.

Carrie Frew of Slippery Rock Township says her husband, Spencer, and son, Tyler, have been keeping the local taxidermist busy, after they bagged six coyotes the past few years.

She says all the wily animals were taken close to their home.

The Pa. State Game Commission says it’s no longer unusual to hear about sightings of these predators, whether in rural or urban neighborhoods.

The Commission says as long as someone has a license, they can hunt coyotes year round, with few restrictions.

Frew told KDKA-TV Tuesday night, “My son has shot four, my husband has shot two and several of my neighbors have shot the animals as well.”

According to Frew, one of her neighbors had some of his chickens killed, and one of his pet turkeys was killed by coyotes as well.

The Game Commission says coyotes generally shy away from people, but, they are opportunists by nature and have adopted to a wide range of habitats.

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