FORD CITY (KDKA) — On Monday, Kylee Scott of Ford City was one of the students given 30 minutes notice that her school, Oakbridge Academy of the Arts, was closing its doors.

Now another door could be opening.

“This is the scholarship that I won for Oakbridge,” Kylee told KDKA money editor Jon Delano on Friday.

With half her tuition paid for and the ability to commute to her associate’s degree college, Kylee thought her future was secured — now she is starting over.

“We should be able to continue in school and still get what we wanted out of the first school. It wasn’t our fault that the school closed,” she said.

An organization representing private career schools agrees.

“We hate to see students’ education disrupted, schools absolutely hate to see that, so the schools are working closely with the Department of Education, said Dr. Richard Dumaresq, of the Pa. Association of Private School Administrators.

So a letter from the Education Department is in the mail — offering students at Oakbridge Academy the chance to continue their education at select other schools.

“That is absolutely wonderful to give the kids that opportunity,” says Kristi Scott, Kylee’s mother.

Two schools have agreed to take the Oakbridge students at the lower tuition of Oakbridge — the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Career Training Academy, New Kensington.

But for Kylee — it may not be do-able without another scholarship and assistance for housing.

“What we would ask the students to do is come to the college, and come through our admissions process,” says George Sebolt, president of the Art Institute.

“We have agreed essentially to match the tuition rate Oakbridge was charging, which is a substantial discount from what we charge here at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.”

Kylee is not sure the Art Institute will come through.

“I worked hard for that scholarship and they just ripped it away from me,” she said.

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