PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Nearly 80,000 homes and businesses in three states are still in the dark after last week’s deadly ice storm.

Utility crews are working double shifts to get the lights and heat back on for people in Michigan, Vermont and Maine. While thousands have their power back, it’s little consolation for those still waiting.

After days of frigid temperatures that left ice on power lines and just about everything else — now there’s concern about rising temperatures in Michigan.

“As the ice drops off the power lines, the power lines will snap and go back into place and that could take out some more people,” said Dan Malone, of Consumers Energy.

And with so many people without electricity, improper generator use is being blamed for at least five deaths.

One elderly couple living in Maine barely survived when their garage door shut with a generator running, filling their home with carbon monoxide.

Thankfully, a neighbor found them before it was too late.

Now people are bracing for more as another round of nasty weather is in the forecast for New England this weekend.

Utility officials say it could be a few more days before power is restored to everyone.

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