PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — This has been a rough week for outdoor jobs in Pittsburgh. But it’s hard to imagine a more difficult task than working on steel beams, high above the ground.

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Workers are building a three-story development called North Shore I and II. And the third story is way up there.

“I don’t like heights,” says a passerby. “I wouldn’t do it. Way too cold.”

“No, I wouldn’t want to do that,” says another. “I give those guys a lot of credit for doing that kind of work.”

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It’s across the street from Del Monte Center, where the winds whip right off the river.

A passerby noted that they weren’t up there on the below zero days.

Nevertheless, an office worker says, “I think they should make more money.”

A woman visiting from the much warmer nation of New Zealand says she wouldn’t want to do the job, but adds, “I’d pay them to do it, though.”

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