MT. WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Mt. Washington is buzzing with people wondering who is their big winner.

The winner of the millionaire raffle.

A $1 million ticket was sold at the Eiseltown Flowers and Gifts on Shiloh Street.
The owner, Darlene Lutheran, was notified by the lottery on Monday.

“We thought it was a joke and then we realized by the questions they were asking that it wasn’t a joke and we were ecstatic,” she said.

The winner has yet to come forward, but Lutheran is hoping it’s one of her regular customers.

She says more than 100 tickets were sold for the Jan. 4 drawing, and she estimates about 90 percent of the purchases were from familiar faces.

“We’ve mentioned it to a lot of the customers that we know purchases them and you would be surprised how many people haven’t even checked their tickets yet,” Lutheran said. “Just very nonchalant and after we tell them we had a winner they still, some of them are just, some of them are just running out of here, running home to grab the tickets and check them and other ones are like OK, I’ll have to check it.”

Some customers who weren’t so lucky this time are also pulling for a local winner.

“I’d probably have a heart attack, wouldn’t be able to spend it,” said Anita Franklin of Brentwood. “But, you know, it’s great. I hope somebody won it that actually needs it. But I think nowadays, everybody needs it, so kudos to them. I hope they come forward. I hope it’s somebody local.”

“I think it’s wonderful, a little place, it’s great,” said Ed Zeneski of McKees Rocks. “I wish it was me.”

The store gets $5,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Lutheran says that money will be reinvested into the shop.

As for the big winner, the mystery continues – at least for now.

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