By: Alyssa Marsico

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio1020 KDKA) – Over the weekend, a domestic dispute turned deadly in a Westmoreland County apartment complex.

Rodney Golden is accused of slashing his girlfriend, Anita Sabol’s, throat. Golden was then fatally shot after he lunged at police who were waiting for him outside the apartment.

Friends and family of Sabol told KDKA reporters that the relationship was full of abuse and isolation. One friend was afraid her phone call asking Anita to leave the situation sparked the argument that ended so tragically.

KDKA Radio’s Bill Rehkopf spoke with D. Bryant Simmons, author of “How to Knock a Bravebird From Her Perch.” She was able to give a view point from the outside perspective of abusive relationships.

Simmons witnessed abusive relationships throughout her lifetime involving her family and friends. She said that as a friend or family member we are responsible to recognize the warning signs of abusive relationships and help get our loved ones out of the situation.

“There are a few red flags, or warning signs. One is drugs or alcohol abuse, another is if you are in a relationship and you are pregnant and you are still enduring abuse, that is a huge red flag,” Simmons said. “Another red flag is if you are socially isolated. If you have lost contact with your friends or family and you are in a bubble so to speak, where the only person in there is you and him.”

Simmons statements really hit home with the double fatality over the weekend, especially since friends said she was being isolated and wasn’t allowed to talk or see them.

Bill asked about what friends and family may have been able to do differently to free her from this abusive relationship.

“Ultimately, it is the woman’s choice and that is a hard thing for us, the loved ones, to accept. But no woman leaves until she is ready; but what you can do is make sure you have the information for them,” Simmons said. “Make sure you know where they can go to get help, to get psychological help, find a shelter or get legal aid. Those sort of things sometimes if you just hand them that number and tell them, ‘I love you, you deserve better, I want better for you,’ and you have to let them make the decision; but once you have given them that number, its easier for them to pick up and call.”

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