PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Staying warm in this weather is not easy, especially if you have to go outside. But, there are some things you can do to protect yourself from the elements.

There are some rules you can follow. The first and most important of which is always wear a hat.

While it’s a beautiful day in Pittsburgh, don’t let the sun hovering over our city fool you.

“It’s pretty brutal,” one man said.

It’s so brutal that Pittsburgers are bundling up for the short walk from the T to work.

“I have two pears of pants on three shirts on, a coat, gloves and i am freezing it’s going right through,” one woman said.

At REI on the South Side, sales specialist John Ferguson has some tips to keep that from happening.

He said layers are key.

“Base layer, mid layer and outer shell,” John Ferguson said.

The base layer will keep you dry. The mid layer is for insulation and the outer shell will protect you from wind.

When it comes to socks, the advice is easy.

“I recommend merino wool. That’s my highest performance as far as wicking action goes as opposed to the synthetics. Even if it’s wet, it will keep you warm,” Ferguson said.

Finally, invest in a good pair of boots. The warmest will have a Primaloft tag and lots of insulation.

“200 gram for higher activity levels so you don’t overheat and 400 gram for lower activity levels, or if you’re going into arctic cold,” Ferguson said.

You also want to pay attention to your gloves. One pair is not necessarily enough. You want to layer your gloves as well. So if you need to take one pair off to use your hands for something, you don’t have to exposure hands to the cold weather.

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