It’s starting to feel like a bad remake of “Groundhog Day.”

Once again – there’s an effort to cut military costs and realign bases.

This time it’s the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force.

It was created last year after the political slug-fest over base closings –

That nearly shut down the 911th Airlift Wing in Moon Township.

The commission is supposed to study the structure of the Air Force –

And recommend changes by February first.

Since the future of the 911th seems to be continually at risk –

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey didn’t waste any time. 

He sent a letter to the commission –

Enumerating the financial and tactical benefits of the 911th.

 By now – he and others elected and civic leaders – 

Should be able to recite the “pluses” of the base in their sleep.

It’s both cost-effective and efficient –

 With a highly skilled workforce.

 Plus – the Department of Defense has spent millions over the past five years –

 To expand its military footprint in the Pittsburgh area.

 The D-O-D should realize –

 Once and for all –

 That the 911th Airlift Wing is still the best bang for the buck.

That’s why it should be kept open.

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