PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) — For the past five years, Chris Moore has coined his show on the night of the big game as the “Something Completely Different From the Super Bowl” show.

They didn’t talk about score updates or funny clips of commercials.

This year’s topic was labor. Moore talked to his nephew, Donald Scales, who is a 26-year member of the United Steelworkers Union.

Scales focused on issues past and present that affect the working class.

Scales said many corporations in the U.S. are sending jobs overseas.

“There are people who are actually considering leaving America, because they don’t feel like they can make it here as a young family,” said Scales.

Many workers across the country are failing to create unions in the workplace or sign desirable contracts. Scales cited examples from General Motors and Boeing.

“Corporations have become totalitarian institutions,” he said. “They get whatever they want. No one can tell them no.”

He called for a reformation of the labor movement, saying, “It is up to us, shop floor union members to reform the Labor Movement. And the Labor Movement needs reformed on the Federal Level too.”

Scales warned that workers will one day wake up and realize what’s happening.

“Their kitchen-table economics will not allow them to be apathetic and distracted any further and you’re going to see a revolt,” he said. “I truly believe that.”

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