PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Growing old is natural, but with the help of a new drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration, many are slowing down the process, or at least the appearance of it.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are making their patients look more youthful in a matter of minutes.

They are using a new filler called Voluma, which claims to reverse the visible effects of time instantly.

According to the FDA, Voluma can temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheeks area of adults 21 and older.

“So, the goal is to restore volume right in here. This product is meant to be deep, right down in the deep structure of the face,” Dr. Michael Kluska, of The Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, said.

Dr. Kluska, a board certified plastic surgeon, recently injected Diane Hillebrand with Voluma.

What it does is simple. It enhances cheek volume, which is the first drug to do that.

“I’m 44-years-old and I noticed, in the last couple of years, subtle changes and I am looking for something that gives me that fullness without walking out of the office and people saying, ‘What did you do to your face?’” Hillebrand said.

In a matter of minutes, that’s exactly what she had.

“I still feel that I’m growing old gracefully. I’m sort of slowing the process a little if you will,” Hillebrand said.

So, are the days of going under the knife for a facelift over?

“So, if we can restore volume within the cheeks and what we call the malar region, that may prolong or eradicate the need for a facelift in certain situations,” Dr. Kluska said.

So, what’s in this magic potion?

“It’s hyaluronic acid,” Dr. Kluska said. “It’s a product that mimics our own collagen and if we can do that, the body does not recognize it as foreign and the product lasts longer.”

The cost of the injections is certainly cheaper than surgery that would set you back $6,500 to $8,500.

One cubic centimeter of Voluma will cost you $825.

Hillebrand and Lynn Schmauch both had one cubic centimeter in each cheek.

Lynn said it’s worth every penny.

“I’m 42-years-old and when I am 52, I still want to look 42. I want people to say, ‘Really?’ I want people to say, ‘Wow, what are you doing?’” Schmauch said.

Voluma is geared toward the 30 to 55 age group.

It’s been used in other countries for years, but just recently got FDA approval.

Voluma is the latest and longest lasting injectable filler and lasts up to two years.

However, there are some temporary side effects. You may experience tenderness, swelling and bumps, but that will end in a few days.


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