PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Gov. Tom Corbett came to the KDKA Radio studios Wednesday to answer questions from Morning Show hosts Larry Richert and John Shumway as well as questions from callers.

Pennsylvania has been battered by plenty of frigid temperatures, snow, and ice this winter.

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The latest storm to hit the region has many concerned with the supply of salt that is left.

“I think we are at pretty good measures,” Gov. Corbett said.

He admits that some communities have low supply.

“To a certain extent, we can help them, but not completely,” Corbett said.

He says it depends where the community is located and what the state’s current supply is that.

Another topic that the governor commented on was the gas well fire in Greene County. Gov. Corbett knows that critics of natural gas will use this to try to prevent “energy expansion.”

“We’re not going to turn the clock back on developing the energy here in Pennsylvania,” Corbett said. “It is creating industry all across Pennsylvania.”

The governor is interested in drilling underneath state forests, but “not on top of them.” He says that the companies that want to tap into the energy, “underneath, 6,000 feet below the surface and there is going to be a one time for us of about $75 million dollars.

KDKA’s Kimberly Gill Reports:

The governor commented on the UPMC/Highmark battle.

“[I’m] limited by what the laws are as to what the insurance commissioner can do,” Corbett said.  He adds he has talked to both sides and wants the issue to be resolved, “sooner than later.”

There is legislation currently being considered that would give the state more power to step in.

“ I hate seeing these [UPMC vs. Highmark] commercials,” Corbett said.

The governor also took some calls on topics on cost of living increase, energy expansion, and transportation.

Carol, a caller, says she is concerned that the transportation bill that was past at the end of last year will hurt working families economically.

Governor Corbett says that isn’t the case. The average that will be spent by families according to the governor is, “about a dollar and half to two dollars a month,” more.

Gov. Corbett hopes that he is re-elected this year and says the best part of his first term simply put is, “the challenge.”

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