PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A 5th grader from Washington State never imagined the response from Pennsylvanians she’d get for a class project, and Pirates star Andrew McCutchen is a big reason why.

Maddy Garvisoi, from Puyallup, Wash., was doing a class project called “Parade of States” where each student was responsible for getting as much information about their assigned state as they could.

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Maddy’s state was Pennsylvania.

She wrote a letter that was posted in the Erie-Times, asking readers to send her as many items as possible for her project, including used license plates, products, etc.

Pittsburgh Pirates MVP Andrew McCutchen jumped onboard the project, and posted the letter on his Facebook page in January.

He asked his followers to show Maddy the amazing things in Pennsylvania.

Since that day, you can see what has happened. Maddy has been flooded with stuff.

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Maddy’s dad sent this picture to McCutchen.

He says since the Pirates star posted the letter, they’ve received a crate of mail a day, including 300 letters, cards, packages and well over 1,000 items.

He sent a photo showing Maddy with all of her stuff, thanking McCutchen for his help.

Maddy’s dad says there’s only one problem: She has abandoned her Seattle Mariners upbringing and has converted to a Pirates fan.

“She has even made me promise to take her to a game this summer. Looks like I will be getting a chance to cross ‘Game at PNC’ off my bucket list,” Maddy’s dad said.

Maddy’s dad thinks she will definitely be getting an “A” for her project.

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