AMBRIDGE (KDKA) – Police are investigating a Wednesday morning hit-and-run accident in Beaver County.

Ambridge Police say it mimicked a scene out of a Hollywood movie, but what happened after 7:15 a.m. Wednesday was very real.

“I heard something like a motorcycle racing. It was a high-powered engine,” Derek McCarriher, a witness said. “I turn and all I see is a guy on the hood of a car.”

Police say 18-year-old Nishawn Stevenson was driving an Enterprise rental car he’d allegedly stolen from a relative with two teenaged girls as passengers.

Nishawn Stevenson (Photo: Ambridge Police)

Nishawn Stevenson (Photo: Ambridge Police)

According to police, something led to a road rage incident along Merchant Street with a car driven by Charles Hawk and his son, Ronald Hawk.

“They came up the one way street the wrong way. Mr. Stevenson turned right on Glenwood, which is a one-way street. He was going the wrong way,” said Ambridge Police Chief James Mann. “He saw a police car that was actually doing school traffic. He tried to turn around when Mr. Hawk’s vehicle clearly blocked him in.”

Ronald Hawk then got out of the car and walked towards Stevenson’s, but the 18-year-old reportedly hit the gas.

“He was hanging onto the hood by the windshield wiper, and I don’t know how he fell off, but he must have lost his grip, but he rolled under the car,” said McCarriher. “I don’t know if a tire rolled over him or something.”

Police say Ronald Hawk was seriously injured. His ankle was broken and his head cut up. Witnesses say the victim had a portion of his scalp nearly cut off.

Ambridge Police say Ronald Hawk eventually rolled off the car and Stevenson kept driving, running stop signs during a time when children were heading to school.

Stevenson finally crashed the car, injuring the two teens with him.

As for Stevenson, he has a very different account of how things happened.

KDKA’s Christine D’Antonio: “Do you feel badly?”

Stevenson: “No, he should’ve never jumped on top of the car.”


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