By: Andrew Limberg

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – This winter has been long and has left a lot of people looking at the glass half empty. With the signs of spring starting to show, now is a change to change your attitude.

Jay Platt is a motivational keynote speaker, coach, and author who has come up with seven things you can do to improve your life starting today.

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The first is to stop being an “ask-hole,”  says Platt. What is an “ask-hole”?

“Someone who is always asking your advice and you give them this great advice and they don’t use it,” Platt said.

He says it’s frustrating because the person giving the advice takes the thought and time to think of what advice to give and it is wasted.

The second thing that Platt says is that people need to stop complaining. If you notice people avoiding you, it could be, “because you’re complaining a lot.”

“Sometimes there are legitimate complains, of course,” he said.

There is a difference between complaining every once and awhile and being a, “chronic complainer.”

Another thing Platt says you can do is to be grateful.

“We take for granted so many things, walking around on two legs, if you can do that, you should be grateful,” he said.

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Platt adds that you should write a list of five things a day that you are grateful for.

One thing that is hard for a lot of people to do is to stop expecting everyone to like you.

“I guarantee you one thing, somewhere, someone does not like you,” Platt said. “Get over it. Concentrate on the people who do like you.”

He says you should want people to like you, but if they don’t, “that’s their problem.”

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