PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – CBS lead college basketball analyst Greg Anthony joined “The Fan Morning Show” on Tuesday to offer his thoughts on the NCAA Tournament and the college basketball landscape.

During the interview, Anthony was asked about new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s suggestion that the NBA should require players to be older than the current minimum age of 19 in order to enter the league, and he sharply criticized Silver’s proposal.

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“To me, it’s a bit preposterous,” Anthony said. “First of all, if you don’t want those young kids coming to the NBA, then don’t draft them. No one’s got a gun to the league’s head and says that they have to draft these kids. That’s a choice that they make. And so then when you go draft them, and it doesn’t work out, what their answer is, or their excuse is- they blame the kids. That’s foolish, don’t you think?”

Anthony sees the solution as simple – if teams don’t want to take the risk, they shouldn’t be drafting extremely young players.

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“If you’re the CEO of a company, you go out and you hire people to come do a job, and then they don’t do the job well, shouldn’t that responsibility fall on your shoulders?” Anthony said. “Aren’t you the one that hired them? So, to me, it’s a bit absurd that we want to blame the kids, because you drafted them and you weren’t ready. Damnit, don’t draft them. That’s on the league, and it’s a cop out for them to make that kind of comment, I believe.”

The interview can be heard here:

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