PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – A group has formed at Penn State to build another Joe Paterno statue in honor of the former Nittany Lions head coach.

One of the people involved with the project is former Letterman’s Club President Ted Sebastianelli, and he joined Starkey and Mueller to tell us what the reasoning is behind this movement.

Sebastianelli said the the “Joe’s Bench” project has gained a lot of traction and has its fair share of supporters.

“For the most part, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” Sebastianelli said.  “Obviously, you’re going to have some naysayers out there, and that’s to be expected, because we really haven’t gotten to the truth yet as far as Joe’s involvement.  What we find is when you talk to alums around the country, people want to know why haven’t we honored Joe yet?  How can we honor him?  When’s the best time to honor Joe?  And that really has been the impetus to this project.  This is an opportunity for us to, as a community of State College, to repay Joe and his family for what it has meant to this town.”

When it comes to the “naysayers” that Sebastianelli pointed out, he clarified that comment saying there are people on two extreme sides of these topics.

“To me, I look at this whole thing as a classic Bell Curve.  At one end of the Bell Curve, you’ve got fans and supporters like me that love Joe and love Penn State.  At the other end of the Bell Curve, there’s a percentage of the naysayers, for whatever reason they dislike Joe,” he said.

Listen to the audio below to hear more from Sebastianelli on why they’re putting up a statue now rather than waiting for more information and where you’ll be able to find the statue they’re putting up:

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