PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- Former Pitt Quarterback Tom Savage has had quite an interesting college career already, but it could have a very happy ending next week when he could go as high as a second round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Savage was a guest on The Cook and Poni Show on Friday. He told the guys he is getting used to the travel, the workouts, and he is just trying to enjoy the entire process.

The guys asked him what he has done to move up the draft boards so fast.

“That is something you would have to ask the coaches,” Savage said. “It’s been a crazy process but I have worked hard and kept honest with the coaches and they see how I have progressed.”

One of the questions that keeps coming up was the reason he decided to transfer twice from Rutgers to Arizona and then to Pitt.

“I was a young bitter kid. I made some mistakes,” Savage said. “I learned from it.”

Savage says coming to Pitt and playing for Head Coach Paul Chryst was a huge help to his career, and has been a huge part of this whole process.

“When I came here I had hit rock bottom after transferring twice,” Savage said. “But he made me love the game again.”

Savage admits that he was close to giving up on the game he loved but Chryst and coming here really gave him another chance to love the game again, and prove he could play.

“Without Pittsburgh I wouldn’t be here. The city took me in and embraced me,” Savage said. “I will forever have a spot in my heart for Pitt.”

Savage told the guys he declined the invitation to be in New York for the draft. He says he will be watching at home with his family waiting for his named to be picked.

“It’s an honor to get invited but the whole process is a little fluff,” Savage said. “It’s about making a team and not about just getting drafted.”

Savage says he wants to be with his family because it was them who helped him make the decision not to quit because it might mean quitting on the rest of your life.

He tells the guys that he was always confident in his abilities and he feels like he belongs with the top guys in this draft.

Savage will not only be watching for his name to be called but two of his former Pitt teammates, Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald and Wide Receiver Devin Street.

“Aaron is one of the most dominant players I have ever seen,” Savage added. “Devin is a phenomenal player and a team is going to be real lucky to have him. Hopefully I might get a shot to play with them again.”

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