BROOKLINE (KDKA) — Crews from the Pittsburgh Sewage & Water Authority will be in Brookline Tuesday to look into a sewage problem on Lamarido Street.

The home of Mark and Cynthia Kail have had raw sewage backing up into their basement for several weeks.

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“There’s toilet paper, believe it or not, coming out of there,” said Mark Kail as he gestured to the rot leaking into his basement.

He says the family tries to spend as little time as possible in the basement.

Denise Sasser, a next door neighbor, has a problem with sewer gas.

“My water’s going down very slowly and the water smells terrible,” said Sasser.

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She said plumbers visited her home, but they said she didn’t have a clog.

The Kails say the problem started several weeks ago, when a DPW crew was working in a manhole on their street.

A spokesperson for the Water & Sewer Authority says the main sewer line appears to be fine, and the issue looks like it is confined to a lateral line.

Further checking, however, will be done Tuesday.

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