PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With the Democratic primary just days away, no surprise the Democratic candidates are going after the one Democrat leading in the polls.

“Hundreds of employees lost their jobs. It’s true. It’s how Tom Wolf did business.”

That’s Allyson Schwartz’s attack ad on fellow Democrat Tom Wolf.

And here’s Rob McCord, comparing Wolf to Republican Tom Corbett.

“Wolf admits his company terminated its pension plan. Corbett proposed doing the same thing to the state’s pension fund.”

But here’s the shocker — and a first — an incumbent governor overtly trying to influence the outcome in the other party’s primary.

Gov. Tom Corbett’s campaign is running a TV ad, attacking Wolf: “While Wolf served in Harrisburg as the state’s top tax collector, taxes went through the roof.”

Besides the TV ad, the state Republican Party is now sending Democrats a glossy brochure attacking Wolf.

At a press conference on Friday morning, KDKA political editor Jon Delano asked Corbett about intervening in the Democratic primary.

Delano: “You’re targeting a specific Democrat Tom Wolf, not only in a campaign ad, but in a brochure that’s been delivered to Democrats across Pennsylvania.”

Corbett: “Well, it’s an education process.”

Delano: “Is Tom Wolf . . . “

Corbett: “Jon, I’m staying right there. Might as well go on to the next question.”

Delano: “It suggests that you’re worried that Tom Wolf would be the most effective Democrat against you.”

Corbett: “I don’t get to pick which one, so we’re going to be facing one of the four. We know that. But it’s an education process.”

Delano: “You have no preference?”

Corbett: “No.”

Delano: “None?”

Corbett: “No.”

Delano: “So why spend all this money against Tom Wolf?”

Corbett: “Because — and you keep saying Tom Wolf — but they’re other people that are mentioned.”

The others are mentioned in press releases, but not in paid TV ads or mailings to Democrats.

Wolf’s campaign says it just proves Corbett is worried he’ll lose to Wolf in November, and the Republican intervention could backfire and help Wolf win the primary.

Corbett says it’s self-defense.

“They’ve been spending millions of dollars in advertising against me. It’s just us pushing back a little bit,” says the governor.

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