PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A woman and two children are recovering tonight after they were attacked by a rabid cat.

The family who was attacked spoke exclusively to KDKA.

Nicole McGrady is back at her Spring Hill home, recovering after a terrifying encounter with a rabid cat just outside of her front door.

“As soon as I hit about right here, this cat latched onto my leg and just was hanging onto my leg for a good 10 seconds, biting and clawing the crap out of me,” McGrady said.

McGrady, her daughter and nephew, were all bitten by the dingy, white cat with one green and one blue eye. A cat that once it pounced, wouldn’t let go, attacking the 3-year-old first on her arm.

“The cat was under daddy’s car,” she said.

The cat was eventually maced by police and McGrady and the two children went first to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment for exposure to rabies.

“When the cat was in front of the door, its eyes were sensitive to the light and it was breathing very fast and he looked like he was wet and sweaty,” she said.

“It was terrifying,” she added. “It was scary.”

The family said they went to AGH first since it was the closest hospital and were given antibiotics. They went to Children’s Hospital after that to get specific treatment for exposure to rabies.

AGH told KDKA that their procedure is to wait 24 hours to check that an animal does have rabies before continuing with painful rabies treatments.

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