PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Country music star Brad Paisley says he might like to branch out into movies and is exploring some TV projects with his country music awards show co-host Carrie Underwood.

Paisley revealed that information in an exclusive interview with Y-108’s Stoney Richards during his concert at First Niagara Pavilion last Saturday, where he played to a packed house of local fans.

Paisley told Stoney he first dreamed about performing professionally when he attended concerts there as a boy.

“I just remember thinking what’s that like to go down the road and make music on a stage like this and then get on a tour bus and get out of town,” he said. “And now I do it all the time.”

For Paisley, the concert was a homecoming. He’s a native of Glen Dale, W. Va., outside of Moundsville, where they’ve re-named the street where he grew up Brad Paisley Boulevard, and neighbors have great stories to tell.

Jon Saffell who lived across the street from the family remembers when Paisley sang at his daughter’s wedding as a young teenager, and made an impression on everyone when he sang at Glen Dale Methodist Church.

“You could tell he had the talent at that young age he had that stage presence,” he said.

Others remember when Paisley would sing at the local hospital, cheering up the patients and not expecting to be paid. Paisley told Stoney he remembers those early gigs too.

“They’d say come sing. We have a Fraternal Order of the Antelopes meeting this week and we need some entertainment if you can bring a guitar,” he said jokingly.

Other neighbors like Jean McFadden and Mark Harler remember hearing Paisley sing through the open windows of his house and watching as his musical career grew.

“You could hear the music coming out of the house across the street. You could tell he had talent,” remembered McFadden.

“Walking around you’d hear him practice in the house,” said Harler. “I’d see him and his dad loading up his equipment,” to go to shows.

Paisley held the mark for consecutive No. 1 country singles with 10, until Blake Shelton broke that record.

Stoney asked him about that, saying “I understand you threatened personal injury” to Shelton when the record was broken?

Paisley says he took it all as good-natured competition.

“I’m much more subtle,” he joked. “I congratulated him but as the hand came out I kneed him in the nuts. But I still shook his hand had his hand gripped tightly as I kneed him!”

Paisley said balancing his career and a family can be challenging. He’s married to actress/director/producer Kimberly Williams known for her roles in “According to Jim” and “Father of the Bride.” The couple has two young sons.

“Time seems to go faster and when you have a couple of kids,” he says. “You see it measured in inches like notches on a wall and it just goes faster and faster. I still feel new at this.”

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