PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – From your closet to your car to your kitchen, there are some simple things you can do to make your stuff last longer.

Consumer Editor Susan Koeppen recently discussed saving money through product-staying power.

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Let’s start in the kitchen. It’s one place where a lot of money goes down the drain because food goes bad.

Americans waste about $165 billion a year on food. Each family tosses out an estimated 500 pounds of food a year.

How can you reduce the waste and make things last?

To help us get some answers, Koeppen asked Chef Shawn Culp from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

When it comes to eggs, putting them in the door is a no-no.

“That’s the warmest part of the fridge,” says Culp. “Keep the eggs in the original container, and put them in the back of the fridge instead of on the door or near the door.”

The same goes for milk. Keep it in the back of the fridge. Milk that is stored properly can last a week beyond its “sell by” date.

Did you know you should never store apples near your broccoli?

It may seem weird, but it’s true. Apples give off ethylene gas which can make vegetables go bad.

“Keep them away from other fruits and vegetables and if you put flowers in the fridge for a special occasion, they will wilt the flowers as well,” says Culp.

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What about other areas of your life, such as the garage?

Americans throw away 280 million tires every year. That’s because consumers neglect the rubber that hits the road, with 55 percent of cars sporting a tire that’s underinflated.

Check your tire pressure once a month to prolong your tread life.

“I’ve seen somebody chew through a tire in an afternoon if it’s underinflated and then they are coming in here and we are selling you a new tire and a new wheel, it’s damaged underneath,” says Ryan Hart with Baum Boulevard Automotive.

How about making the clothes in your closet last longer?

Levi’s, the maker of jeans for 150 years, says when you buy a new pair, don’t wash them for six months.

When you do finally wash them, hang them upside down to dry.

In the bathroom, if you want to keep your razor sharp, don’t leave it in the shower and dry it off after every use.

Using a sponge will also make your body wash last longer.

Here’s one for parents tired of throwing out markers.

Store markers with the tips down and dip them in warm water to bring them back to life if they dry out.


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