By Heather Abraham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Many are off today, to get an early start on Memorial Day travel plans.

A lot of people are looking forward to a fun extended weekend getaway, but of course getting there without pulling your hair out is half the battle. And as always, we have some good news and some bad for you.

With this past winter in the rear view mirror and Memorial Day weekend upon us, more than 36 million motorists are expected to hit the road trying to get out of dodge.

“It kicks off the summer travel season and usually people take advantage of that extra day,” said AAA Senior Vice President Bevi Powell.

AAA says for those staying in hotels, the average price is up slightly, so expect to pay a few extra bucks. And as for gas, according to AAA, the national average stayed the same from this time last year – at around $3.66 per gallon – but the average in Pittsburgh is actually up $.27, from $3.57 to $3.84.

“Look and see by using a mobile app or looking on the internet what the cheapest places are to get gasoline, because you want to make sure you save on that front,” Powell said.

In your travels, you may see some extra state troopers along the highways as they continue a two-week click-it-or-ticket campaign. And AAA recommends knowing your route, an alternate route and giving yourself some time.

“Make sure you’re not hurried when you’re going to your destination,” Powell said. “You don’t want to be stressed out.”

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is expecting to see around 2 million travelers and has good news.

“We have suspended all construction through the length of the turnpike,” said Tom Fox with the Pa. Turnpike. “Certainly hope that will make travel a little easier and safer.”

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