PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Dormont Pool’s open and under new management, but not everyone’s happy.

Some say cost-saving measures are short-changing the public.

“We’re paying more and getting less,” said Pat Flaherty of Dormont. “It’s not right.”

To save on lifeguards, part of the pool will be closed this summer when usage is low, and Councilman John Maggio says that’s penny-wise and pound-foolish.

“We’re not going to close some of our alleys and roads down when it’s not driven, and we don’t send out police home when it’s a slow day,” Maggio said.

And there will be no more deep water tests. Children under a certain height will need to wear life vests in the deep end and that also rankles Maggio.

“Now, we’re raising a generation of children who don’t know how to swim,” he said.

Jeff Ellis says his management company will provide lessons for a $40 fee and will certify those who pass.

“Our job is to make sure this place is as safe as it can possibly be, the same as it is at Sandcastle or any other water park,” he said.

Until her kids get lessons, the vest requirement is just fine with moms like Christine Gritz.

“I’m pregnant, so I can’t run in after them,” she said.

So, the pool and the new rules are opening to mixed reviews, but with life vests or no, summer will go on.

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