UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Facebook does more than just keep people connected; in Fayette County, it helped police track down a suspect.

Facebook says it has 1.3 billion users worldwide; included in that group, the Uniontown Police.

“It’s been so helpful,” says the police department’s Lt. Dan Kolencik.

Case in point is the recent arrest of 40-year-old Audra Trombetta on theft charges.

“[An] elderly man dropped a bank bag walking into PNC Bank on Main Street,” said Lt. Kolencik. “A witness observed a female take the bag and walk away with it.”

Investigators say the man who dropped the bag came out of the bank. The witness pointed out Trombetta, authorities said.

“The victim followed her to the A Plus mini mart, which was a mistake on her part,” Lt. Kolencik said.

The store has fantastic video surveillance.

“Inside the A Plus, we show her stuffing something in her pants, which we assume was the money,” Lt. Kolencik says.

Investigators had the face, but no name. This is where Facebook comes in.

“We posted these pictures on our Facebook page, within minutes we got so many responses as to who this female was,” said Lt. Kolencik. “A couple people even told us a general idea where she lived.”

It didn’t take long for them to find Trombetta.

“She admitted she did it and she was wrong,” Lt. Kolencik said. “She didn’t have the money; she spent it. She said she paid some bills some for laundry and cigarettes.”

Trombetta, whose criminal record includes retail theft, welfare fraud and drug convictions, was charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

She’s free on $10,000 bond.

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