Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned Friday –

Amid rising demands that he quit – or be fired.

The scandal involving VA hospitals around the country keeps growing –

From the Legionnaires disease outbreak at the Pittsburgh VA –

Where at least 22 patients got sick –

And at least six died –

To word of secret waiting lists at dozens of VA hospitals –

That hid the ugly truth –

That it could take veterans months – or years – to get care.

These aren’t isolated incidents.

They are evidence of a systemic problem in the Department of Veterans Affairs –

And its healthcare system.

It’s not enough that Eric Shinseki resigned.

It’s not enough that VA hospital officials in Phoenix, Arizona, were fired.

It’s not enough that VA employees won’t get performance bonuses this year.

The department needs a complete overhaul –

And those responsible for the problems –

Should be disciplined – fired – or prosecuted.

There must be a new climate of responsibility and accountability.

It’s what our veterans –

Their families –

All of us –


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