PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Attorney General Tom Corbett first heard allegations of child sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky in March of 2009.

But Sandusky was not charged until November 2011, 32 months later.

On Monday, Attorney General Kathleen Kane said that delay in getting a child molester off the street had awful consequences.

“The office of Attorney General received the case in March of 2009, and two individuals indicated that they were abused by Sandusky sexually in the fall of 2009,” Kane told a packed press conference in Harrisburg.

Kane said two victims — who have never gone public — were abused after the Attorney General’s office got the case.

“We do have two individuals who indicated that they were abused by Sandusky both in the fall of ‘09.”

Geoffrey Moulton, hired to investigate how the case was handled, said prosecutors took a risk because they wanted a stronger case.

“They were aware that he (Sandusky) might be continuing to offend and they hoped that the fact that he was aware of the investigation would make that less likely,” said Moulton.

But the claim Sandusky assaulted others while the Attorney General did little brought a strong denial from Frank Fina, the senior attorney on the case at the time.

“We never had any information that someone was assaulted, any credible information that someone was assaulted during this investigation,” Fina declared.

And Fina disputed Kane’s claim of two victims, saying, “We don’t know that they exist.”

“Now a politician is accusing us of the most grotesque thing that you could accuse us of,” added Fina.

Late Tuesday, Kane’s top attorneys came to her defense, saying in a statement, “It is absolutely true and factual that evidence exists of two individuals who allege they were victimized into the fall of 2009.”

“It is shameful for others to re-victimize these individuals by denying their existence,” Bruce Beemer, first deputy attorney general; Anthony Sassano, regional director; Laura Ditka, chief deputy attorney general; and David Peifer, special agent-in-charge.

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