By Rick Dayton

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Severe storms caused five trees to fall “like dominoes” onto telephone wires in Crescent Township Tuesday night.

Homeowner and Crescent Township resident Robert Dumbovich had previously thought about taking down one tree in his backyard, but Mother Nature took down five.

“When I came out, we saw five trees lying down like dominoes on top of the wires,” Dumbovich said. “In fact, we [were] wondering where the tree went down that cut the power and then we found out it was a couple of our trees that was part of the problem.”

About two blocks away on Harper Road, a tree from a neighbor’s yard crashed onto the home of Don Kerr, who was in the house when it happened.

“It was like a crash because the inside of the wall, the plaster is cracked right now,” he said. “And then we were told – somebody mentioned we shouldn’t stay there overnight.”

So Don and his wife, Janice, stayed with their niece. They were supposed to leave town for a few days, but now wait near the house for the insurance company.

“Hopefully tomorrow, they are going to have to get a crane and pull the tree up off the roof,” Kerr said. “They can’t cut it because it is so big that it will fall down right on the house. So, I think they are going to have to use a crane to pull it up.”

The drone of chainsaws and generators will be a familiar noise in backyards all around Crescent Township certainly for the next couple of days.

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