PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- From the City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department:

Many activities are planned during this holiday weekend. With activities along our rivers, Downtown and on the North Shore, the City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department would like to inform the public of various road, river and parking restrictions.

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“July 4 is a day that Americans celebrate our nation’s freedom and honor the brave men and women who continue to protect those freedoms. As you participate in the various celebrations throughout the city, I encourage you to help keep Pittsburgh safe by reporting any unusual or suspicious activity to 911,” says Public Safety Director Stephen A. Bucar.

Please be aware:

  • No boaters are permitted along the Allegheny River; however, mooring is permitted on the Monongahela River side of Point State Park.
  • Adults entering Point State Park with alcoholic beverages will be given the option of leaving the area with their beverages or depositing them into a trash receptacle.
  • Any road closures on Mt. Washington will occur at the discretion (based on pedestrian and vehicular, weather, and any other incident as necessary) of the police supervisor who will be on site.


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Street Closures

Name From To Hours
Commonwealth Place Ft. Duquesne Blvd. New Penn After 12:00 Noon
Clemente Bridge Ft. Duquesne Blvd. After 10:00 AM
Federal Street General Robinson Clemente Bridge After 10:00 AM


Parking Restrictions

Name From To Hours
Boulevard of Allies Ft. Pitt Blvd. Stanwix Street After 7:00 AM
Commonwealth Place Ft. Duquesne Blvd. Ft. Pitt Blvd. After 7:00 AM
New Liberty Avenue Commonwealth Stanwix Street After 7:00 AM
Fort Duquesne Blvd. Commonwealth 10th Street Bypass After 7:00 AM
General Robinson Art Rooney Avenue Chuck Noll Way After 8:00 AM
Art Rooney Avenue After 8:00 AM
North Shore Drive Casino Drive Mazeroski
Mazeroski Way North Shore General Robinson
General Robinson Mazeroski Way Anderson
Federal Street General Robinson Clemente Bridge
Grandview Avenue McArdle Wyoming At 6:30 PM
·         Intersecting streets leading to Grandview will be barricaded
·         When appropriate Major arteries leading to Grandview (Sycamore, Greenleaf, Shaler) will be closed.


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Handicapped Parking

Name From To Hours
New Liberty (East Side) Commonwealth Pl. Garage Entrance