PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan) – CBS Sports Radio Host and noted author John Feinstein joined “The Fan Morning Show” to talk about a variety of subjects, including Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig’s legacy as he prepares to retire.

“Bud and everybody else in baseball, and I include those of us in the media, was guilty of closing their eyes to the steroid situation. It was there, it was in front of people, people enjoyed McGwire and Sosa too much, and didn’t want it to be fake, and as a result, it went on for years and years and now, Bud’s marching around saying we have the toughest drug testing system in sports and the Steroid Era is over. The Steroid Era won’t be over until after I’m dead,” Feinstein said. “Having said that, I give Bud total credit for being an out-of-the-box thinker with things like the Wild Card, Interleague play, now with instant replay finally.”

Feinstein added that perhaps the most important thing that Selig accomplished was that he could negotiate labor contracts without work stoppages.

They also discussed the idea of providing financial assistance for college players.

“I’ve never thought that a stipend per se was needed. Covering the cost of education is needed. But, I’ve always believed that if you’re going to pay players, which I’ve said they should for years, it should come in the form of some kind of trust fund that’s put together for the schools that make money where a player collects his share after he graduates, and make it graduates, so that you give players an incentive to get their degree.”


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