By Chris Moore

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Businessman and founder of nonprofit Operation HOPE John Hope Bryant has a new book “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class,” in which he tries to debunk certain stereotypes surrounding class and income.

He addressed myths surrounding the poor and capitalism, the first one being that the poor aren’t already saving capitalism. 

“Every major product that we love started as a privilege for the wealthy,” Bryant said. “It was only until the least of God’s children got a hold of these products and bought them in mass created shareholder value.”

Using his own experiences and historical points of reference, Bryant gave compelling advice to listeners. He made the point that the poor can rise from the middle class with the right mindset, and that the amount of money you make doesn’t define future wealth. 

“I could give a homeless guy a million bucks and he’ll be broke in six months,” he said.

He also said that complaining about racial difference should be overlooked in favor of focusing on class. 

“This argument about racial this-and-that is distracting,” he said.

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