PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Nowadays it is harder than ever to disconnect from electronics, especially during a vacation. A recent study says that 61 percent of those surveyed did at least some work while on their last vacation.

On top of that, many bosses expect their employees to be available by email, while others are afraid their bosses will realize their position is no longer needed.

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How do you totally disconnect when on vacation and how do you do it without anxiety? Lizzie Post, contributor at the Emily Post Institute and co-author of the Etiquette Advantage in Business, joined The KDKA Morning News to discuss how to do that.

Lizzie says that it is important to plan ahead of time and to talk with your boss to figure out what is expected of you.

She asks, “Are you in the kind of industry even when you’re away?” She adds, “Secondly, you want to talk to your team and find out who can be your contact person while you’re away.”

What about those that are worried that when they get back they won’t have a job? Post says that you shouldn’t worry.

“Everybody needs a break. Everyone burns out a little bit,” she says. “You need to make sure you take time away from work; otherwise, you really are going to burn out.”

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What if you are expected to be in contact with work when on vacation, but don’t want it to consume all your time? Post says it will help if you take a half hour at the beginning or end of your day and give yourself a designated amount of time to work on work.

“If you do a half hour don’t check that last email. Make sure that you’ve actually set your time and that you go off and enjoy yourself,” she said.

Read more from Lizzie Post at: http://www.emilypost.com/

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