PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – As details come out about the civil suit filed by three individuals against the Pouncey brothers stemming from their birthday celebration at a Miami nightclub, the lawyer representing the group is speaking out with the Starkey and Mueller Show to tell us the case being made against the NFL brothers.

Lawyer Marwan Porter has taken on the case for the three individuals, and gave Starkey and Mueller the details of that night and why his clients are filing a civil suit.

“The victims in this particular situation, the young lady Niya Pickett, Brinley Williams and the gay individual, Ricquan James, they’re traumatized by this,” Porter said.  “You have two 6-foot-5, 300 pound giants who went around this club and knocked out a woman and a gay guy who are less than half their sizes, and they were very adamant that they want these people, the Pouncey brothers, held accountable, and they wanted this to move forward.  They didn’t want this to be swept under the rug, and for these individuals to get away with this just because they’re rich and famous.  You know, regular people need to have a voice as well and you can’t just go around punching peoples’ lights out.”

Porter also discussed the surveillance video we’ve heard so much about from the nightclub and if the evidence will come forth.

“Absolutely,” Porter said.  “The next step in this process it to engage in something called discovery and that’s where we are allowed to issue written discovery, we’re allowed to take depositions in order to get at the truth.  In a layman’s world, it’s basically information gathering.  We will be requesting a copy of the surveillance.  We sent out spoliation letters immediately to make sure that the surveillance videos, and any other videos that the club may have had were maintained so you do not compromise the integrity.”

Porter even went on to tell us what it was about this case that convinced him to take it on.

“We look at a lot of things,” said Porter.  “We look at number one, the integrity and the character of the clients, and two, whether or not we are able to get independent witnesses who are able to corroborate what has been alleged by our clients, and we were able to do both.  These people, the first thing that was on their mind from the beginning was for the Pouncey brothers to be held criminally accountable, criminally accountable.  They weren’t even worried about the civil part of it.”

Porter went on to paint Maurkice in a particularly negative light in the alleged event.

“I was able to get statements from independent witnesses who did not know Ricquan, who did not know Niya at the time, and said, ‘Listen, it was the Pouncey brothers.  And not only was it the Pouncey brothers, but Maurkice was the individual who struck Niya and who struck Ricquan.’ And they said that without hesitation, without reservation, and when you have that type of information and testimony from two people, and you look at the credibility of not only your clients but the witnesses who corroborate what was told to us, it’s something you have to move forward on, and they’re going to have to take responsibility for their conduct.  You can’t go around doing that.”

Things wrapped up with Porter telling us the chances of a financial settlement being reached.

“I’m a trial lawyer, so any case I take on, I expect to take it to a jury, and that’s the mindset that I have when I take on any case.  Now obviously, the clients, they’re the boss.  So if for some reason, and I don’t have any indication that that will happen, but if for some reason there is something offered in order to compensate these people for their injuries, for the injuries, then I would have to take that to the client and it’s up to them.  My clients haven’t given me any indication that they would even be willing to accept something monetary at this particular juncture.  They’re really, really concerned about these people being held accountable.”

Click the audio link below to hear more details on the civil suit that has been filed:

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