A great event is coming to Animal Friends this weekend.

It’s aiming to help the millions of shelter cats across the United States find loving homes through photography.

The “Shelter Cats are Beautiful” 16-city tour will stop at Animal Friends on Camp Horne Road this Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It brings with it professional groomers and photographers who will take kitty glamour shots of the cats at Animal Friends in need of forever families.

You see, adoption photos are often taken after the cat has come into the shelter, scared, dirty and then locked up in a cage. That picture doesn’t tell the true story of the beauty and personality of the cat.

Not only will the professionals on the tour be capturing the cats’ true beauty, they’ll also be leaving behind tips, tools and equipment for grooming and photographing all the cats that come through the doors at Animal Friends.

The “Shelter Cats are Beautiful” tour is coming to Pittsburgh thanks to Rachael Ray’s pet food brand, Nutrish, and the GreaterGood.org’s “One Picture Saves a Life” campaign.

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