In March, 2012 –

Douglas and Kristen Barbour adopted a five year old boy –

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And a thirteen month old girl – from Ethiopia.

Six months later – both children landed in Children’s Hospital.

The boy had lost ten pounds

His temperature was only 93-point-6.

He had a skin infection from lying in his own urine.

The little girl had a severe brain injury –

And several femur and toe fractures that were healing.

The children were put in foster care –

And the Barbours were charged with abuse.

Just this past June – they pleaded “no contest” to endangering the welfare of children.

Douglas had two misdemeanor charges.

Kristen had two felony counts.

Last month –

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Allegheny County Judge Jeffrey Manning gave Douglas Barbour five years probation.

Kristen Barbour got six to twelve months in jail –

But Judge Manning changed it this month –

So she can go home six days a week to care for their two biological children.

The judge says this case was an act of charity gone awry.

It wasn’t.

Douglas and Kristen Barbour are well-educated –

Well-to-do –

Very religious –

White suburbanites –

Who brutalized –

And nearly killed –

Two helpless little children.

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Judge Manning’s decision is a travesty of justice.