On January 20th – when Tom Wolf takes the oath of office –

The Commonwealth will have a Democrat for governor –

And a Republican-controlled legislature.

While that might not seem to be the best combination to get things done –

The past four years have taught us that –

Even with a Republican governor –

The state legislature showed little inclination to do any real work.

Issues like state pension reform –

Tax reform –

And education reform –

Gathered dust while lawmakers bickered among themselves –

And with the governor.

Enough already.

Pennsylvania desperately needs the best ideas from everyone –

From Governor-elect Tom Wolf and the legislature.

No one has the 800-number to solve Pennsylvania’s problems –

Not Democrats –

Not Republicans –

Not the governor –

Not the general assembly.

Come January – it’s time to take a deep breath –

And start working together to create solutions –

Not deeper gridlock in Harrisburg.