Is there a need for a national standard on how news in reported in and around international events; especially around the Middle East? Dr. Luke Peterson discussed this and other international media based issues with Chris Moore on his radio show.

Moore asked Peterson to go into detail about the importance of analyzing news media and the discourses between the UK and Europe. “I think that from my conclusions you can see that there’s a broad arrange of legitimate politically representation in the news media in the UK and more broadly in Europe,” said Peterson. “Sources that investigate the international world and the affairs in the world have a narrower view than their European counter parts.”

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Dr. Luke Peterson also discusses his book entitled “Palestine, Israel, and the print news media: Contending Discourses. Dr. Peterson is scheduled to speak about his new book on November 18 at the William Pitt Union Building on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

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Listen to a segment of the interview below.

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