PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Grocery shopping can be an adventure in and of itself, and then it comes time to haul all the stuff home.

If you’ve been frustrated by too many bags, breaking bags, and bags that spill out in your trunk, you’ll love what a product called Grab Bag claims to do.

Fewer bags, easier to carry, no spills, but does it really do that?

KDKA-TV News Anchor Jennifer Antkowiak went to find out. She went to the Shop n’ Save in Wilkins Township looking for someone who has felt the pain from uncooperative grocery bags, and she found Cindy Corder.

“They’re always ripping, stuff’s falling out. They dig into my arm because I stack them up to try to get them all at once,” Cindy said.

Cindy shops a couple of times a week and definitely likes the idea of something to make those trips easier.

Grab bags are made of a light weight, mesh fabric that is supposed to be very durable.

The bags also feature a flat bottom that’s supposed to help keep them from flopping around in your trunk.

Set up is easy:

There are little clips that allow you to attach the bag to the sides of your shopping cart so it stays sturdy while you pack it. Cindy had a pretty decent size order, and was able to load it all into the two Grab Bags that come in the box.

Antkowiak: “How many regular bags do you think that would’ve taken?”

Cindy: “Probably 10.”

When it came time to lift the bags out of her cart and into her trunk, Cindy was very happy to have only two.

A flap that velcros over the top made the bag feel very secure, and Cindy said the handles were comfortable to hold.

But, would they stay upright?

Cindy tool a spin around the parking lot, and what did they find in the trunk when she was finished?

Both bags were upright with no spills.

“They never moved. They stayed upright,” Cindy said.

So, Grab Bag claims fewer bags, easy to carry, no spills…does it really do that? Cindy gives us a big thumbs up. “it really does—absolutely!” Cindy said.

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