PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan)- Forbes SportsMoney NHL analyst Mike Colligan joined The Bob Pompeani Show on Saturday.

Colligan told Pompeani that he is concerned by the Penguins’ poor record against teams in their division, especially with the newer divisional playoff format.

“It’s going to be the New York Rangers or the Washington Capitals or even the New York Islanders. Those are going to be tough matchups for the Penguins as they’re currently constructed, so there might be some additional tweaking needed,” Colligan said.

Pompeani asked about Beau Bennett, who has been a healthy scratch in recent games.

“You just wonder where he’s at from a mental capacity,” Colligan said. “He’ll get the opportunity to show what they have, and they’ve still got a few weeks before the trade deadline to see if he’s able to jump in there and really turn his season around.”

Colligan has been impressed with David Perron, who has scored eight goals in his first fourteen games with the Pens.

“I think what he does really well is find the open spot in the slot,” Colligan said. “Sidney Crosby will get you the puck. He’ll find you on the ice and make some incredible passes to get it onto your tape. But then it’s a matter of can you be open enough and have a quick enough release to get that off? I think that’s what Perron really does well.”