PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — He got a ticket for running a stop sign, even though video showed he actually stopped.

The ticket was supposed to be withdrawn months ago, so why did he have to “Get Marty” again for the same ticket?

“I was surprised. I was floored. I was upset,” says Randy Kratofil of Clairton.

Kratofil was ticketed $127 for running a stop sign in Jefferson Hills last June. He captured that stop on his own car dash cam.

And after we showed the video to Jefferson Hills Police Chief Gene Roach, he asked the police officer who wrote the ticket to withdraw it.

But it turns out that’s not what happen.

“I was shocked to get a letter in the mail warning me my license was going to be suspended,” says Kratofil.

“Here we have a situation where the man followed the letter of the law,” said attorney David Shrager. “He didn’t break the law. He was still written up. That’s what defense attorneys like. We like having innocent clients.”

That’s when Kratofil called us again.

This time Kratofil asked for a hearing. The police officer involved in the incident did not show up for the hearing, so the district magistrate found Kratofil not guilty.

“I’m happy with the resolution,” says Kratofil.

Meantime, the Jefferson Hills police officer who wrote the original ticket faces a three-day suspension for refusing to withdraw the original ticket.

That officer is appealing the suspension.

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