On Thursday –

The Federal Communications Commission voted to treat the Internet like a utility –

And imposed what’s called “net neutrality.”

It wasn’t unanimous.

The three commissioners who voted “yes” –

Say it will keep Internet providers from blocking or slowing web traffic –

Or charging more to have data load faster.

But two commissioners disagreed –

Calling the plan a – quote –

“Half-baked – illogical – internally inconsistent – and indefensible document.”

They insist it will result – not in Internet freedom –

But in more Internet taxes.

Other opponents see this as a dangerous government overreach –

And members of Congress are promising legislation to block the regulations.

It was a bad decision – and it definitely will be an expensive one.

The companies that provide Internet service will sue –

And that’s going to cost a lot of time and taxpayers’ money.

It would be a better public service if the FCC reconsidered the issue –

And voted “no.”