MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) — Those for and against Mount Lebanon’s controversial deer culling plan were out once again Tuesday evening to have their voices heard at community meeting.

It was the first meeting for the Mount Lebanon Commission since they approved the controversial deer culling measures in the community.

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They made it clear immediately that the decision would stand.

“We understand that there are residents and others who do not and will never approve of a lethal way of controlling deer population,” said John Bendel, a commissioner. “That said, we have made our decision, and we are moving forward in what we believe is in the best interest of the Mount Lebanon community.”

The packed room also found out that the only people speaking at the meeting would be from Mount Lebanon. And, almost immediately, there were fireworks. One person was even asked to leave.

When the public comment began it was full of passion both for and against the measure of culling and killing the deer.

“We’re convinced that initially the deer herd needs to be culled using a lethal method,” said one resident.

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“This is a community, not a wildlife preserve,” said another person. “Deer and cars are not meant to mix on neighborhood streets.”

“I am extremely against the method you have chosen for this cull,” a resident said. “I am somebody who grew up in Queens, New York, where we didn’t have wildlife and I really looked forward to moving to a place where we could co-exist.”

“Our deer in this area do not deserve to die this violent, torturous death they will face,” another resident added. “Many other communities around us face the same issue of a large deer population and do not resort to such a barbaric method. In fact, everyone I know, including hunters thinks this is terribly wrong.”

The commissioners also said the culling method will be joined with a method to sterilize the deer population once they come up with a plan. Three more culling sites have been approved as well.

Meanwhile, those opposed say they plan to keep fighting.

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