The regular season hasn’t even started –

And there’s some serious Bucco Fever out there already.

Fans always began marking off days on the calendar starting in February –

Even during the lean years.

But their numbers – and the excitement – have grown exponentially –

Since the Pirates broke their two-decade drought in 2013 –

With a breathtaking winning season – and Division Series play.

Fans were loud and loyal –

And if they couldn’t get a ticket –

They packed the bars – the restaurants –

Even the streets and parking lots on the North Shore –

Just to be close to the action.

Last year the Pirates made it to the Wild Card game –

And when it was over – it was clear that there was a new attitude –

In the front office – on the field – and in the stands.

This spring the team saw record attendance in Bradenton.

There’s a good chance of another standing-room-only season at PNC Park.

We’re beyond wanting a winning season or a postseason game.

We’re talking World Series.

At least one national sports pundit thinks it’s possible.

The pieces are in place.

Combined with a little luck –

The Bucs may be going all the way this year!