PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you’re always losing your keys, you’ll want to hear about a new product that claims to be able to help you take that stress out of your life.

In fact, the Magic Finder is supposed to be able to help you so that you never lose anything again.

Does it Really Do That?” & KDKA-TV News Anchor Jennifer Antkowiak found someone eager to help us find out if it works.

Deanna Brooks has a real problem keeping track of her keys.

“I lose them a few times a week, when I’m running to get to work. It’s made me miss my bus, that that’s not okay,” Deanna said.

Deanna had hope after watching the Magic Finder commercial and was excited to test it out.

Magic Finder is supposed to work by using Bluetooth technology through a free Magic Finder App on your smartphone. The App was easy to download and set up – it only took a few seconds.

It allows you to pair the phone with whatever you’re looking for.

The commercial shows that the Magic Finder can help us find missing things through radar that tracks distance to the lost item, or by light and sound.

There’s also two-way tracking that lets you press the button on the Magic Finder to set off an alarm to help you find your phone.

With her phone all set up, and the Magic Finder on her keys, Deanna left the room and Jen hid her keys.

Deanna used the sound alert mode, and started looking. In just a couple of minutes, she found them under a pillow on the couch. “There they are, score!” Deanna said.

To test the Magic Finder at a greater distance, Deanna backed up further, and tried to find her keys using the radar screen, which worked.

The Magic Finder commercial shows a variety of lost and found situations, several of them outside where a woman attaches a Magic Finder to her car visor so she could find her car in a parking lot.

Jen and Deanna moved outside, placed her keys in our news vehicle, and tested the Magic Finder at even more distance. Deanna used the sound alert first, and they listened, but all they heard were birds chirping.

Deanna tried radar next.

She and Jen walked all the way up to the car, but no change on the radar screen this time, and still no sound alert, even as they stood right next to the car, with the keys inside.

Magic Finder claims you never have to worry about losing anything ever again.

Does it really do that?

Deanna said it seemed to work well inside and at shorter distances, but she was not impressed with the results outside and from farther away.

Deanna continued to test the Magic Finder for us in a variety of ways, and she reported inconsistent results.

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