CARRICK (KDKA) — When a local man was told to fix a problem with his home or face eviction, he called Get Marty.

Tragically, before KDKA and Get Marty could resolve the problem, the man who asked us for help died.

“All I want is my sewer line fixed and to be left alone. I want to die in peace,” said Elmer Goettel when he reached out to Get Marty.

However, before KDKA’s Marty Griffin could resolve his issue, Goettel died in a car accident.

“I lost my soul. I lost my life,” said Goettel’s widow, Carolyn.

So, Get Marty promised to resolve the crisis at their Carrick home.

The family home has never been connected to Pittsburgh’s sewage system. That created a raw sewage problem for the Goettels. Turns out, they had paid sewage bills for more than 40 years.

ALCOSAN Board Chairman John Weinstein took great interest in the problem and asked for a meeting at the Goettel home.

“There is no family in this county that should face eviction from their home because of a sewage bill,” said Weinstein.

Terry Mertz, of Terry’s Plumbing, also stepped up.

“I believe in helping folks. Let’s make this happen,” says Mertz.

Mertz agreed to do the work, and Weinstein agreed to provide the parts needed at cost.

The sewage problem will be fixed. The Goettel family will not be evicted from their home.

“I am so thankful. This home is all I have left,’ says Carolyn.

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