PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you love grilling, but hate the mess it can leave behind, you will be interested in checking out the Miracle Grill Mat.

It claims to make grilling fast, easy, and 100 percent non-stick, but does it really do that?

KDKA-TV News anchor Jennifer Antkowiak took a look with the help of Kerri Rohall.

Kerri looks forward to grilling season. She loves cooking healthy and as someone who travels a lot for work, she appreciates home-cooked meals that are fast and easy.

“You can’t wait to get back home and make your own home-cooked meal,” she said. “Getting into the weather where we’ll be able to grill will be that much easier.”

Kerri and her husband just set up a brand new grill, and Kerri’s been eager to break it in. The Miracle Grill Mat may be a great way to do that. The commercial shows all kinds of great food being cooked beautifully on the Miracle Grill Mat – ribs, corn, vegetables, even cheese, and eggs.

Jen and Kerri found out the grill mat is very thin.

“Very thin, it feels plastic-y,” Kerri said.

You can cut it to fit any size surface, and it’s supposed to be 100 percent non-stick. The instructions say to wash the mat before the first use with warm, soapy water.

Kerri did that and got peppers, a burger, some cheese, and even an egg, ready to grill.

Outside, Kerri placed the grill mat on her new, clean grill. There’s no spraying necessary, and no pre-heating needed.

The directions say to keep the heat low to medium, and to use non-metal utensils. Kerri added the burger, and the peppers, and she and Jen watched and waited.

Would they get the great results shown on the commercial?

“It’s doing something,” Kerri said.

She heard the burger sizzling away on the mat after a few minutes. It looked great and the peppers did, too.

She used a spatula and tried to flip the burger, but ended up needing two because the surface is so slick that she had a hard time getting a hold of it.

The Miracle Grill Mat commercial also shows the ability to cook things you’d never imagine putting straight on your grill, like an egg.

Kerri and Jen had to try that.

“This feels crazy! So crazy,” Kerri laughed, as she cracked the egg out onto the grill mat. As it cooked, the egg stuck to the mat a little bit around the edges, but, Kerri was able to flip it easily.

They were impressed, especially because they didn’t spray the mat with anything.

Even a slice of cheese placed directly on the grill mat cooked until bubbly, slid right off.

How did it taste?

Kerri tried everything and loved it all. She wondered if it would still taste grilled because of the barrier between the food and the actual grill, but she said it did.

There was a little mess left behind on the mat after all that cooking, but Kerri lifted it up, and nothing was left behind on her new grill.

“Look at that! It doesn’t even look like we used it,” Kerri said.

So the Miracle Grill Mat promises an easier, faster way to grill all your favorite cook-out foods, and more.

Does it really do that? Keri gives it a big thumbs up.

“I really like it! It was fast and easy, with no mess, and I really liked the way everything tastes,” she said.

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