PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – KDKA-TV viewers asked for this Does It Really Do That.

After we tested Dutch Glow Almond Wood Milk, our tester, and a lot of our viewers told us they wished there was something we could test to see if it takes care of scratches in wood.

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The same company has a new product called Scratch Aide that claims to be a perfect match for any scratch.

Does it really do that?

KDKA-TV Anchor Jennifer Antkowiak went back to the woman who helped us with Dutch Glow to see how it works.

After more than 20 years of taking good care of St. Maurice Church in Forest Hills, Jane Arden has cleaned the wooden pews, pulpits, and other wooden pieces hundreds of times.

She’d love to find something to help with scratches, and was excited by what she saw on the Scratch Aide commercial,

“Oh, if it worked like that it would be so nice. It would make my job so much easier,” she said.

Scratch Aide comes with two little bottles and a tiny spatula. One is the Scratch Mender, designed to make scratches almost disappear, and the other is Wood Butter, which is supposed to fill in deeper scratches and gouges.

For the scratch, the directions say to apply a little bit of the Scratch Mender to the scratch, wait 1-2 minutes, and wipe off any excess. It’s supposed to work with the stain that’s on the surface to be a perfect match for any scratch.

Jane applied the product, and Jen asked, “Are you seeing any difference?”

“No. I mean, it’s a little darker,” Jane said.

After waiting the two minutes?

“It just disappeared in the commercial, and here you can still sort of see it,” Jane said.

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Since the surface they’re working on is upright, Jen and Jane wondered if too much of the product ran out of the scratch.

The directions don’t say to do this, but, Jane tried to work more of the Scratch Mender into a scratch with a cloth. They waited again and it might have gotten a little darker, but the scratch doesn’t cover as well as the commercial.

Next, Jane went to work on a gouge in the wood, this time with the Wood Butter.

The directions say to start with the Scratch Mender to cover the scratch. Then, fill it in with the thicker Wood Butter.

It’s supposed to cure for 24 hours, but Jane wasn’t impressed with the early results. Also, she was concerned about the amount of product she used.

Jen showed Jane she’s used at least one-sixth of the product on two small areas, and Jane laughed when she looked around at all the other pews in the church that could use some help.

“We’d need a bucket of this stuff,” she said.

Jane was eager to try Scratch Aide on a little table that looks better after the Dutch Glow we tested with her, but still had a lot of scratches.

She applied a little of the Scratch Mender to the scratch.

“Wow. That’s a lot better, wow,” Jane said.

The results on the table are definitely more like what’s shown on the commercial, but overall, what does Jane think about Scratch Aide?

Does it really do that? Jane says she couldn’t recommend it.

“If you have one item like this table that’s flat that you can control how much you put on it, it did a great job with this. But, I think it wasted too much, vertical,” she said.

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Scratch Aide is available online and in stores for around $10.