PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio1020 KDKA) – The Jeep Girls are sisters traveling across the country on a historical adventure.

Ashley and Brittany Hill left their day jobs and are launching the American Legend Tour.

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The goal of the tour is for the girls to meet people who are chasing the “new American Dream.” Brittany recalls starting it with her sitting at her job, just dreaming of something more.

“I got that first job at a desk and I found myself plastering my nose against the window waiting for the Starbucks to open at 6 a.m. or for my lunch break to come or for my chance to have a weekend,” Brittany explained, “So it became this opportunity for the two of us to go together and discover where we are from and kind of what America is all about.”

Brittany said the project has since evolved from their original plan and has transformed into a way to hear other people’s stories of what the “American Dream” is for them.

They are in the process of writing their first book and Ashley says it’s something she is very excited about.

“It’s been this awesome process and it’s really just I find these people that are inspiring and I say oh my gosh I want to share your story, you’re so amazing. So that’s the goal right now to put all these tangible interviews into a really great piece,” Brittany said.

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The Jeep Girls are in town through Monday checking out the sites in their Jeep Wrangler, hearing people’s stories and visiting the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Bantam Heritage Festival in Butler this weekend.

Out of all the Jeep designs what made the Hill sisters choose the Wrangler for their great American road trip?

“I’ve always had this big passion for Jeep Wranglers there is just something so great about taking the doors off, taking the top off and freedom essentially,” Brittany explained.

You can listen to the whole conversation Mangino and Shelley had with Ashley and Brittany Hill here now.

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