Sports fans are obviously passionate about their teams, especially here in Pittsburgh.

Chances are, your social media feeds are filled with people talking about your favorite team. Some are better than others, but we’re not talking about insight.

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We’re talking about typos and grammar.

Is there anything worse than seeing someone spouting off hot takes and misspelling words?

What about someone that doesn’t know the difference between their, there and they’re? Ugh!

Well, Grammarly recently teamed up with the Wall Street Journal to rank the fanbases of all 30 MLB teams.

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According to their website they, “looked at all 30 official MLB team sites and analyzed the top 150 comments for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Each team had an average of over 10,000 words.”

Pittsburgh finished as the 12th best in the study. What may shock you is that Cleveland came in first!

We know what you’re thinking. Cleveland won something? Really? Obviously, this study is flawed.

While we tend to agree, Philadelphia came in 29th. So, there must be some validity in the study right?

Here’s a look at the top 10 ranked in order of errors per 100 words:

  • Cleveland – 3.6
  • San Diego – 4.4
  • Chicago White Sox – 4.8
  • Seattle – 5.2
  • Chicago Cubs – 5.2
  • Milwaukee – 5.3
  • Minnesota – 5.8
  • Cincinnati – 5.8
  • Tampa Bay – 5.8
  • Washington – 5.9
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Here’s some other notables:

  • No. 12 – Pittsburgh – 6.3
  • No. 17 – St. Louis – 7.1
  • No. 22 – Atlanta – 10.2
  • No. 30 – New York Mets – 13.9