by Chris Heasley, E-Commerce Specialist for CBS Radio Pittsburgh

Introducing the Budget Blog on, which is an ongoing effort to alert you to local and national items that you can get at a reduced cost.

While the Pittsburgh region has not been as affected as other areas around the country in regards to job loss and unemployment, wages everywhere have remained stagnant while prices of almost everything has increased exponentially. The Budget Blog on is here to alleviate some of the disparity.

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Plus, it’s kind of like a treasure hunt where you can find something different all the time. So we’re going to start slow, but keep checking back for new & exciting finds.

Plus, we will be talking about some of our CBS Local Offers items like the BBQ Grill Mats from ATE Accessories.

BBQ Grill Mats from ATE Accessories

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You’ve probably seen theses on late night TV and they do look pretty cool, however I was always skeptical as it always made more sense to me to just use tin foil which could be thrown out when I was done grilling.

After receiving these as a Christmas present from my family, I was still skeptical and conveniently left them in the box hoping everyone would forget them bought them for me. They did not and I was forced to use them.

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These things are awesome! Not flare up, nothing sticks to them, and they cook anything great. Plus, to clean them you just wipe them off with a soapy sponge and dry them off, then roll them up and put them away. I highly recommend this set of (2) BBQ Grill Mats. Click here to get yours.